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In this first ever release from ShutUpSystems, we present a story the way it was meant to be seen, as a script (with minor grammatical and comma'ical errors (and nonvisual nudity(and graphic blood))) Zombies infest the world when a pair of comic store owners tire of their normal games and unleash a power hidden within the oldest issue of a zombie comic... And soon they are playing a game of life and death; where one possesses lives to destroy others, and rack up points, and the other brings the dead back for revenge, and more points.

Check out all three here! Season 3 is only available in paperback because I screwed with the format too much o.O BUY NOW 


BP2::: The Demon Geeks create a storm in the already zombie infested world in order to return to Earth. Meanwhile, another alien race uses a storm to mask an alien invasion.The Tribbles are also back.

BP3::: You know how when you're reaching your hand in the cookie jar and all of a sudden your neighbor stabs you in the eye with a fork? Well, that's how Earth feels right now. We were just minding our own damn business when all of a sudden we got stabbed with a fork. In the fu*king eye! And now they're just stabbing at us for the sake of watching us bleed... Those fu*king aliens and demons... So tune in and watch the marvelous events! :)

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